Registration for West Milford Junior Wrestling Program now taking place

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:56

    When you mention the sport of wrestling, many people think of the "professional" wrestling see on TV. However, the wrestling practiced on the Olympic and scholastic levels is far from that version of the sport. Children who have had a difficult time in school or other group activities often find that an individual sport is one way that they can achieve success. Unlike group sports where star players often overshadow other team members, success in wrestling stems primarily from the athlete's individual efforts. At the junior or elementary school level, every wrestler gets an equal opportunity to participate and perform. In other words, everyone makes the team. Opponents are matched by age, weight, experience and skill. West Milford's Junior Wrestling Program is sponsored by the West Milford Parks and Recreation Department. The program introduces children to the sport in a way that is paced to each child's ability. Children ages 7 to 14 (still in eighth grade) are invited to join the program. The season runs from mid November through mid-February. More experienced wrestlers can also go into post-season tournament competitions in late February and March. Beyond the elementary school level, the junior program feeds the high school wrestling team and seasoned athletes who already have a command of basic moves. Registration is now in progress. The cost is $70 per participant and $10 additional for non-residents. There is a maximum fee of $120 per family. Enrollment for 7-year-olds is very limited. In person registration will be held October 20 and October 25 from 7 - 9 p.m. at Hillcrest Community Center.