Response to Ms. Romero

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:57

    To the Editor: I would like to respond to the politically motivated attack that Ms. Romero made against Councilman Carmelo Scangarello. It seems that Ms. Romero left out some very important information in her zeal to attack Carmelo, such as: 1. Ms. Romero failed to inform the people that she is the chairperson of the West Milford Democrat Municipal Committee. 2. Failed to disclose that her husband is a Democrat candidate for council. 3. Failed to disclose that, as a candidate two years ago, she failed to appear at the same debate that she berates Councilman Scangarello for missing. 4. Failed to mention that action speaks louder than words. Councilman Carmelo allows his actions to declare what he has done. 5. Failed to declare the alleged disgraceful actions of the Democrat candidates at the meeting held at Bald Eagle Village. It is also rumored that Republican Phil Weisbecker, always the gentleman, stepped in and relieved the alleged tension. 6. Failed to disclose that she does not reside at Bald Eagle Village. On November 8th I urge you to vote for a man who speaks softly, but gets things done. Reelect Carmelo Scangarello to our township council. Bring back Phil Weisbecker to the council. Art McQuaid President West Milford Republican Organization