‘Sacrifice' by "W"

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:56

    To the Editor: Soldiers sacrifice. Armor and flack jackets are not essential. Maimed War Vets re-sacrifice as V.A. clinics are de-funded. U.S Security is sacrificed; wasting time in Iraq gives free time to the Taliban and bin Laden. 100,000 Iraqi citizens have sacrificed their lives. U.S. citizens sacrifice because I don't like reading intelligence reports on NYC terrorism, pre-Iraq War predictions or Gulf area flooding warnings. New Orleanians sacrifice because I cut the levee funding in 2003. Domestic tranquility is sacrificed with the National Guard in Iraq instead of hurricane-struck Louisiana. Reporters sacrifice; jail time for telling the truth. Working people suffer, because I give tax breaks to U.S. companies to move jobs overseas. I also hate time and half pay and raising minimum wage. The unemployed sacrifice because I love cheap illegal alien labor. Commuters sacrifice paying $3-4 per gallon. The poor sacrifice as poverty has grown five straight years. I am a Creationist, but secretly a Social Darwinist helping the poor get stronger. Our grandchildren must sacrifice; someone has to pay my Reaganesque tax-cutting "trickle down" voodoo economic deficit. Democracy is sacrificed when pro-state rights Republicans run from the Florida Courts to the conservative Federal Supreme Court to stop counting pro-Gore hand ballots and Ohio hides votes pro-Kerry. Even I, George Bush have sacrificed, cutting my 50 day vacation to 48, escaping that pesky mother Sheehan and to fly 2500 feet over the Katrina Hurricane victims. Oil companies sacrifice not; they shall sift four billion from the "Energy Conservation" bill to help pay for Christmas bonuses. Halliburton sacrifices not; they and Cheney must not be bothered to find the nine billion dollars missing. The rich sacrifice not, for they are "my base." They need tax cuts to purchase golden back scratchers and fill up their Humvee gas tanks. Cooperate looting is OK, but shoot them if they are poor or black and have water to their waist. Nero played violin as Rome burned. I am not arrogant, dishonest or reckless, just because I played golf and guitar as people were being blown up, shot at or drowned. Thank God that red state Jesus is pro-war, pro-American and pro-rich. Jim Geist Hewitt NJ