School board names new super, adopts 2005/2006 school budget

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:47

    WEST MILFORD-It came as no surprise that the board of education named Glenn Kamp to replace Superintendent Robert Gilmartin, who is retiring at the end of June. It came as no surprise, since Kamp was the only candidate being considered. As of today, April 1, Kamp will take the helm, with Gilmartin acting as assistant superintendent until his retirement. Kamp has been the director of education in West Milford for the past six years, but he has been with the district for 33. The board has contracted Kamp through the 2007/2008 school year at a starting salary of $125,700 annually. The board made the appointments official at its March 29 meeting, in which they also adopted the budget for next year. The 2005/2006 budget has come in at just under $58.6 million — a little over a three and a half percent rise from last year. This means the average household will see their school taxes go up $129 for the year. Average is being defined as a home that is assessed at $130,000 which, according to the assessor's office, translates to a market price of $249,520. Residents will have the opportunity to vote on the budget on Tuesday, April 19, from 2 to 9 p.m. In order to stay within the confines of the new state spending bill S1701, the board cut $1.4 million of proposed spending out of the plan — things ranging from teaching and custodial positions to money for middle and high school clubs. But there were still a few things the board wanted to include, but couldn't. As a result, these items will appear on the ballot as a separate question. The separate question will ask the public to approve an additional $219,000 (representing another $19 to the taxpayer) for items including high school gym lockers and second grade world language. Voters will also have the opportunity to vote in a few new board members, but it's not much of a race. There are three seats open, and three people running. Current Vice President Barbara Harlin is running, along with community members Wayne Gottlieb and Tim Foley. Both Christopher Rahey and Ken Freedman have completed their terms and will not run.