BOE establishes Varsity Girls Golf Team for spring

| 24 Jan 2019 | 09:15

    WEST MILFORD - The West Milford High School will officially welcome its newly established Varsity Girls Golf Team this spring.
    Superintendent Alex Anemone’s recommendation to establish an official team for the girls was included on the Agenda of the Jan. 22 West Milford Board of Education meeting; however, prior to the school board's vote, WMHS students Erin Hahn and Jordyn Gerold addressed the board, explaining the reasons why the school should establish the team.
    Hahn expressed the girls’ gratitude to the school board for providing them with the opportunity to be able to compete in County, Conference and State Tournaments.
    “Being part of the golf team has been one of the best parts of our high school career, however, there are some things we have to miss out on because we are on a combined team,” Gerold said.
    According to Hahn, the girls on the Golf team cannot participate in as many matches as the boys due to lack of transportation on short notice.
    “The only way we can consistently play is at theirs (the boys’ team matches) because they have them set and scheduled from the beginning of the season,” she said.
    The girls said they also lack an official coach of their own, but thanked the teachers and coaches that have stepped in to help out as needed over the years.
    “We are also only able to play as long as we buy all of our own equipment, including balls and tees”, Gerold said.
    The two girls, who said they have played on the golf team since their freshman year of high school, are now in their junior and senior years.
    “We are looking at colleges, especially those with a girl’s golf team”, Hahn said; “Because golf isn’t as popular as other sports, many scholarships are unused nationwide.”
    “We would be so grateful to be able to put those scholarships to use, and to have the same opportunity to continue in our golf career as the boys do,” Gerold said.
    The girls concluded by thanking the trustees for their time, and “for taking the funding of the girl’s golf team into consideration.”
    The recommendation was unanimously approved by the school board shortly thereafter.
    As per the approved resolution, the Varsity Girls Golf Team shall be established “under the rules and regulations of the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association (NJSIAA), Passaic County Coaches Association (PCCA), and Big North Conference.”