Junior Highlanders Track Club leaps into the season with 100 athletes

| 06 Apr 2022 | 07:49

Junior Highlanders Track Club (JHTC) is getting ready to kick off its Spring Track & Field season. JHTC, a youth track and field and cross country club based in West Milford, NJ, is only in its fifth year, but growing.This year, the team is almost 100 athletes strong and gearing up to begin competing across New Jersey. The program’s coaches are working to set the team up for even greater success in 2022.

“Our kids have been focused on preparing for our season opener on 4/10 in Rutherford,” said Head Coach Matthew Romeo. “We have high expectations for this, year but most importantly we look forward to our kids having fun, doing their best and never quitting on themselves.”

While the team has many newcomers, Romeo is excited to have so many returning athletes.

“Kids are coming into their own and finding their place in the sport,” Romeo said.

While coaches are focused on ensuring the team has fun and finds success, the JHTC Board of Directors is focused on ensuring the team is well equipped as the program grows. The club is a 100% volunteer and non-profit organization, powered by the support of parents who participate as coaches, board members and volunteers.

This year the team is hosting a Beefsteak and Tricky Tray to raise funds for warmups for all athletes. The Board is also exploring fundraising activities to help more families travel to Olympic level events during the championship season. JHTC hopes its athletes grow to eventually join the WMHS Track & Field and Cross-Country teams and provides scholarship funds each year to graduating WMHS Seniors.