Little League working with high school to expand program

| 13 Dec 2018 | 11:02

WEST MILFORD – As the West Milford Little League recruit new players for the coming year, organizers say it is expanding its program to prepare kids to play later in high school.
West Milford Little League President Ed Primavera said that the organization is trying to work with the coaches and players at the high school level to have a program that is seamless and fundamentally sound as the kids move to playing at the high school level.
“We want to generate more interest,” Primavera said.
Currently, the organization has an average of around 350 players, down from years past where as many as 800 kids participated.
The organization believes that many kids that might participate in the program along with other sports are moving to a “one sport” mode instead of playing other sports.
Primavera said that this is taking place and many kids find themselves working on only the one sport throughout the year instead of possibly participating in several sports during their respective seasons.
When they reach high school, some of these kids are “burned out” from that one sport and lose interest, he said.
By getting the high school involved, he said, the players can develop the fundamentals needed to play at that level and the town’s program will be unified to teach those skills throughout the player’s time in the organization.
The ultimate plan is to expand the number of kids participating at the instructional levels, ages 6-7, and then have them stay to play for the high school team later on.
Registration for the new season is underway and a skills camp is being planned, organizers said.
Children can start at ages 4-5 with the T-Ball league and continue through the senior leagues for kids ages 14-15.
Those wishing to sign up for the 2019 season should go to
Volunteers are also needed to help out with the league and those who would like to volunteer should contact the league at