'Utter' perfection

| 06 Feb 2019 | 01:02

WEST MILFORD - A Perfect Game by Highlander RJ Utter Jan. 31 helped Highlander bowlers Remain in first place, sweeping the teams last two matches
The West Milford Varsity Bowling Team overtook Wayne Hills in the exciting Jan. 31 matchup during which RJ Utter bowled West Milford’s first ever 300 game.
“The team was stoked to be able to share such an amazing accomplishment with RJ during match play,” said Ty Nicol, the team’s captain. “I’ve practiced with RJ many times, and he has always been a consistently great bowler. Not long ago he bowled his first 300 game and even though it was only practice – it was a great accomplishment. I’m so happy for him that he was able to pull off a repeat during match play.”
Amanda Finke bowled a 213 and a 170, Shane Yodice finished the series with a 179, Mikey Nicholas shot a 191, a 173, and a 229.
Utter started off with the 300, then rolled a 211, and a 234 breaking his personal best for a series of 745.
Ty Nicol wrapped up with a 205, a 188, and a 226.
“It was an impressive victory today over Wayne Hills who is one of our biggest competitors”, said Coach Caillie. “This was a big match for us. We took the match 5 points to 2 which keeps us in first place. We have three more matches left in our division. If we can win those last three, we will secure first place in our division. This is a big accomplishment for the team. They all did well, and Ralph’s 300 helped us out a lot."
The team continued its roll against rivals Lakeland on Monday, taking all three games and total wood.
Lead off bowler Amanda Finke bowled a 159 in the first game. Colin Goldberg shot a 160, and Nick Bartoli finished the series with a 157.
Mikey Nicholas contributed big to the teams win shooting a 274, 245, and a 227 for a high series of 746.
RJ Utter rolled a 159, 247, and a 233 for a series of 639.
Ty Nicol finished up the afternoon shooting a 159, 204, and a 197.
The team had Wednesday and Thursday matches scheduled this week.