Wanting to show their Highlander pride

| 03 May 2012 | 01:31

    WEST MILFORD — There is 50 years of history in West Milford High School. That history includes academic milestones, achievement in the arts, and of course championships on the athletic field.

    But something is missing in West Milford High School's gym. Most school gymnasiums have banners marking the accomplishments of its athletic teams. West Milford used to have that, but no more. Now, a committee is looking to raise money to buy new athletic banners to adorn the gym once again and show its Highlander pride.

    Jennifer Stafford and Dorrie Torp are West Milford moms whose kids have always been involved in athletics. They, along with board of education Trustee Matt Conlon, are on a mission to give the varsity athletic teams of West Milford the recognition they deserve. They are looking to raise $7,500 to purchase 28 banners to line the walls of the gym.

    According to Stafford, each varsity team - from football to softball to gymnastics to dance team - would have its own banner. On that 4-by-6 foot banner, each championship and year would be listed.

    "Our goal is to raise money to honor West Milford's athletic accomplishments with new, updated banners for our gym," said Stafford.

    She and Torp have shopped around and found a company from Mahwah that will produce the banners for a reasonable cost. Stafford said these new banners will last forever, basically. They're not made of canvas or cloth and won't rip or fade; instead, they are made of a sturdy, hard material similar to a road sign. They would be anchored into the concrete walls of the gym.

    Now comes the work: raising the $7,500 to buy the banners. The first fund raiser is coming up. Stafford said the committee is hosting a clothing drive at the high school. It's spring, so people are cleaning out their closets and homes. Put those old clothes to good use by donating them and other household goods to the banner clothing drive.

    It is scheduled for Saturday, May 12, at the West Milford High School loading dock. Bring all of your used clothing, soft household goods such as sheets, curtains and towels, shoes and accessories, like backpacks, handbags and belts, to the high school between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. on the 12th. You will be doing your part to bring this committee closer to their goal.

    Stafford said there may be more fund raising efforts to come, including an auction, to reach that $7,500 goal. Of course, she said, cash donations are always accepted and appreciated. A plaque will hang in the gym with the names of those who donate over $100 toward the banners.

    So get moving. Clean out those linen closets and go through your clothes. Turn your old, unwanted clothing into funding for the banners.

    This way, when anyone walks into the Highlander's gym, they can look up and be wowed by the accomplishments of 50 years of sports teams.

    For more information about how you can donate for the banners, email WMHSsportsbanners@yahoo.com.