West Milford junior wrestlers shine at district competition

| 27 Feb 2019 | 06:17

    WEST MILFORD - The West Milford junior wrestlers tied for first place, sharing the spotlight with Lakeland at its recent district competition.
    The teams were tied with a total of 50 points each.
    “Our kids, coaches, and parents were absolutely amazing,” Head Coach Dustin McConnell said.
    The program has seen a lot of success in its first year under its new head coach and the future sure looks bright.
    The team wants to give a thank you to all the coaches for their time and commitment to the children, with special thanks to the West Milford High School for volunteering its time to help the event run smoothly.
    All wrestlers who placed 1st or 2nd in 8U, 10U, 12U or 14U will move on to Regions in Hackensack.

    District Champions-
    Austin Laneve 6U 1st
    Zachary Golding 6U 1st
    Daniel Sperry 6U 1st
    Bryce Leslie 8U 1st
    Daniel Moretti 8U 1st
    Tristan Teran 10U 1st
    Lorenzo Andrade 12U 1st
    Nicholas Carbone 12U 1st
    Benjamin Marchetto 14U 1st
    2nd place-
    Kyle Melillo 6U 2nd
    Nicholas Papienuk 6U 2nd
    Lucas Kelshaw 6U 2nd
    Madison Teran 6U 2nd
    Jonathan Andrade 8U 2nd
    Alexander Lighty 8U 2nd
    Mason LaNeve 8U 2nd
    Donovan Ford 10U 2nd
    Jeffrey Papienuk 10U 2nd
    Justin Burke 12U 2nd
    Jake Pasek 12U 2nd
    Nate Ford 12U 2nd
    Tyler Schaffer 14U 2nd
    Ryan Eckhart 14U 2nd
    3rd place-
    Jake Molan 6U 3rd
    Miles Werner 6U 3rd
    Oliver Bernadict 6U 3rd
    Gabriella Carbone 8U 3rd
    Kaiden Wilm 8U 3rd
    Colton Naccara 8U 3rd
    Bryce Dages 8U 3rd
    Matteo Balestrieri 10U 3rd
    Nicholas Triverio 10U 3rd
    Aaron Newton 10U 3rd
    Vaughn Worthing 12U 3rd
    Michael Van Alstyne 12U 3rd
    Ty Rockey 14U 3rd
    Spencer Ribitzki 14U 3rd
    James Murray 14U 3rd