Spring Camporee

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:13

    WEST MILFORD - Haute cuisine it wasn't, but for a bunch of Cub and Boy Scouts cooking outdoors with their Scouting supervisors, it was a lot of fun. Making the task doubly difficult for the youngsters, many of whom may never have cooked before, was the challenge of cooking without utensils. The event was the Spring Camporee of Black Bear District at West Brook Park. While some scouts took a safer route and heated pizza on a grill, at least one was adventurous enough to cook a chicken suspended over a fire, and another did shish kebab. While starvation was never a question, hunger could have been, so the district wisely provided a six-page folder of such succulent entrees as "dingle stick chicken," eggs cooked "two eggstraordinary ways," and "twixer biscuits." There was also "damper ash bread," "twist on a stick" and "Bannock" bread. For those with access to fresh fish, there was that gourmet delight: "staked fish" in which the heads of cleaned fish are buried in the coals while their tails are tied vertically to upright sticks also embedded in the coals. For further details on these delectable delights, contact any of the scouts or scouters depicted in the photos.