St. Joe's to host tour of historic cemetery

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:55

WEST MILFORD — A tour of the St.Joseph's historic cemetery has been added to the list of events to celebrate the the 100th anniversary of the current church building. The tour is slated for October 1. The cemetery, built on rolling hills, lies adjacent to the church on Germantown Road. The community of Saint Joseph's began in 1765. The earliest names on record in the parish, Sehulster, Marion and Struble, are all represented on stones in the cemetery. These families were brought over from the Black Forest region of Germany to work in the English owned iron mines and they settled in the Macopin area. Through the early years of anti-Catholic sentiment, the Saint Joseph pioneer families met secretly to pray together and teach the Catholic religion to their children. Very rarely they had a visit from a priest. Once or twice a year Rev. Ferdinand Farmer, disguised as a doctor, would arrive from Philadelphia on horseback carrying in his saddle bags all the necessities to celebrate Mass in the home of one of these early families