State funds to offset budget needs

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:14

    TRENTON-West Milford will receive the lion's share of some $2.2 million in Property Tax Relief in Watershed Moratorium Offset Aid being awarded to 56 municipalities. Of the $965,000 being split between various Bergen and Passaic County municipalities, West Milford will receive $757,687. Department of Community Affairs Commissioner Susan Bass Levin announced $2.2 million in offset aid to 56 towns throughout the state. Watershed Moratorium Offset Aid recognizes that municipalities with watershed land that cannot be developed do not generate adequate property tax revenue. The Watershed Moratorium Offset Aid program was established by the Highlands Water Protection and Planning Act. The program is administered through DCA's Division of Local Government Services. "This aid will provide our communities with much-needed assistance and help protect our precious environmental resources," said Governor McGreevey. "As we provide unprecedented levels of direct school aid and direct property tax relief to New Jersey's working families, this additional funding will help control rising property taxes while supporting critical efforts to protect the integrity of our water quality."