Students hold math tailgate party

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:46

    WEST MILFORD-Mathematics is everywhere, including the gridiron. Students in Tom Antonucci's sixth grade class recently shared the statistics of the NFL season at the First Annual Math Tailgate Party on Feb. 1 at the Maple Road School in West Milford. Following the first week of NFL games, students selected a team they felt would win the 2005 Super Bowl. As part of their study of mathematics, students recorded their team's statistics during the season. Figures included number of touchdowns, passing yards, rushing totals, field goals, and win-loss records. Every four weeks, the mean average of the statistics was determined. Students learned to record and display their team's progress on Excel software. Of the 11 teams that were chosen, nine succeeded in making the playoffs. The First Annual Math Tailgate Party was an opportunity for Antonucci's students to share their mathematics via posters and presentations to the rest of the school. Classes from all grade levels visited the Tailgate Party to learn about statistics in sports. Submitted by: Deborah Ives, K-12 mathematics supervisor