Students honor principal

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:18

    WEST MILFORD-St. Joseph School Students Honored Christine Benson on Principal Appreciation Day, Nov. 18. The children surprised Benson during their morning prayer service with special songs, a tribute to her, presentation of a bouquet of flowers, words of thanks from Home School Association representative Mrs. Gina Koonjy, and a gift basket from the teachers. Benson also was presented with a large "Thank You" card containing special messages of praise and thanks, designed by the children of the school. Tears came to Mrs. Benson's eyes as her husband and school technology coordinator, Bob Benson, attended and photographed the moment. Mrs. Benson told the children how proud she was of them and how blessed she felt to be their principal. Several students read poems that they had written honoring her. The poems included: Why I Admire Mrs. Benson I admire Mrs. Benson Because she helps the children of our school. She lets everyone have a good time And teaches us the golden rule. She sacrifices a lot of time To help the children be the best they can be. I do really think That there is no better principal than she. I try to follow her example Because she follows Christ, our King. I want to grow up to be just like her For she has given us a wonderful thing. That gift is love Which is the best gift Anyone could ever bring. By Alison Buske, Grade 6 Dear Mrs. Benson, We wish you a world of thanks for everything you've done, to make each day more joyful and fun. Mrs. Benson teaches us the Golden Rule and puts a smile on each child in the school. She guides us every day to live Jesus' ways, and she pushes us together to help be with God forever. Your kind and loving ways brightens up our days, Starting each morning with loving, praying, and sharing. What it all comes down to is at St. Joes, we are all caring. By Theresa Fingado, Grade 6