Takes exception to ‘Sacrifice' letter

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:57

    To the Editor: The following are my thoughts and opinions about the article “Sacrifice” by “W” written by Jim Geist of Hewitt. It is truly amazing that there are some people who still haven’t moved on from the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections. One might think that 2008 is not that far off and selecting candidates to represent our political future is more pertinent than sour grapes! The notion that proper armor was not appropriated to our fighting forces was thrown out there for the media to dissect back in March 2003 and it fizzled out. Why? Because it wasn’t true!! How many German, Italian and Japanese citizens were killed in WWII? Why didn’t we get Bin Laden in 1998? Maybe we should ask Monica ! It’s one thing to blame President Bush for his response to Hurricane Katrina but why not mention the other players? Mayor Ragin for instance represents city hall corruption at its worst! Tell me another mayor who loses 2/3 of his police force due to desertion. How about the Governor Katherine “Queen Bee” Blanco? She refused to allow National Guard troops to have overall jurisdiction. The result? Poorly coordination evacuations and rescues!! But that’s ok ! Blame “W”! In case you’re not paying attention ..the unemployment rate now is lower than when Clinton was president! We all are affected by the price of gasoline. Try forming a car pool like the rest of us do instead of blaming the rich, the president, and Jesus! If Al Gore was smart, he would have asked for an entire recount of every Florida county. Instead he wanted to recount only those counties with democratic majorities. No wonder the Supreme Court stopped it! I’m still waiting to see how many Ohioans were disenfranchised in 2004 election. I’m sure they could make up the 600,000 votes somewhere ..maybe in Toledo! If gas prices are that high maybe you should get a part-time job or teach night school like I do! Cheer up! President Bush cannot run for re-election! Hopefully you’ll stop crying and moaning and get on with your life. We here in West Milford know what it is to lose one of our own in the war on terrorism. Cindy Sheehan who met with President Bush sometime within the last year, has become a pawn used by Moveon.Org a ultra-left wing group funded by billionaire George Soros. As we all sympathize with Cindy Sheehan’s loss, one must wonder what is truly driving her now? A true end to the war or being on Soros’ payroll? Hmmmmmm! Gian P. Severini Hewitt