The Alternative Board expands in the northwest area of New Jersey

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:56

    The Alternative Board, an organization that offers small to mid-size businesses real-world business advice, has been launched in Newton, New Jersey announced Jason Zickerman, President. The board brings business owners, CEOs and presidents of non-competing businesses together in boards, creating a confidential "think-tank" atmosphere. The boards consist of up to 12 members, meeting monthly under the guidance of a certified facilitator. Zickerman announced that Marcy Turkington, President of Achieve Business Solutions in Newton, was named the Northwest New Jersey Facilitator. Over 300 Alternative Boards are operating each month across the United States, Canada and South America. Since its inception, thousands of businesses have benefited from membership in The Alternative Board TABR. The First Hope Bank of Newton will co-host informational meetings on October 19 and 25. There is no cost for attending. To reserve a place, call Marcy Turkington from 973-940-2020.