Three board of education seats available, hunt for new superintendent continues

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:46

    WEST MILFORD-In April when residents vote on the annual school budget, they will also choose three applicants to fill three 3-year seats on the board. The board members whose terms are coming to an end are: Vice President Barbara Harlan, Christopher Rahey and Ken Freedman. These current seat holders may run again (there are no term limits for the board), as well as anyone in the community who cares to toss his or her hat into the ring. However, anyone interested in serving on the board must turn in a completed nomination petition by Monday, February 28. The forms are available in the Board Office. The district is currently searching for a new school superintendent to replace Robert Gilmartin, who will retire at the end of June. The board has elected to hire the New Jersey School Boards Association to assist in the search, a service for which the association charges $5000. During the February 22 West Milford Board of Education meeting, several members of the public asked how many candidates had applied. Board President Midge Touw declined to answer, stating that, until the field is narrowed to two candidates, all information about the process will be kept confidential. According to a source at the New Jersey Department of Education, the practice of not disclosing anything until near the end of the process is typical with school boards throughout the state, however, Mike Yaple of the New Jersey School Boards Association said there are no laws governing that confidentiality. In other board business: • CarlLa Horton, who conducted a public seminar on rape two weeks ago, brought a proposal before the board to bring a more thurough abuse program into West MIlford. • High School Guidance Coordinator Susan Hatch presented the TCCi Family Connection program to the baord members. The program is an interactive resource which will allow students, parents and educators to track college and/or career information. West Milford has just recently begun using the program, the expectation is that eventually it will become an invaluable resource to upcoming graduates.