Town hesitant about allowing HBO show ‘The Sopranos' to film

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:51

    BOONTON-Tony Soprano may find himself an unwelcome guest here. The hit HBO mafia series ``The Sopranos'' wants to film an episode in Boonton, but some residents are still sore over a previous episode that depicted a character getting killed there, although the episode was not actually filmed in Boonton. Show producers in 2001 asked the town for permission to shoot on location, but were turned down because officials said they hadn't been given enough time to consider the request. This time, Boonton has more than a month to decide, but officials are worried about potential traffic problems, the effect on local businesses and the series' past depiction of the town. The show's producers want to use Main Street as a fictional New Hampshire town. A vote will likely take place at the governing board's next meeting on Aug. 1.