Town's double-speak on private road

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:57

    To the Editor: When I moved to West Milford 27 years ago I was not told I moved on to a private road. The road was is in bad shape and we were the last to be plowed whenever it snowed. We were told if we volunteered to have the town take over the road we would save money. So everyone on our road agreed to do that. It went by road frontage and my cost was assessed for $ 7,136.00. I did not have the money to pay up front so over 10 years with interest the road cost me $9,303.56. My neighbors at that time also paid the same amount. We were told that one day all private roads would be taken over by the town whether you wanted it or not and then it would cost each homeowner more. That is why we volunteered. I just read the article in the Messenger dated September 16, 2005 and it did not make me happy that the town may take on the expense of taking over private roads. If that were to happen then I want to be reimbursed, as I am sure that everyone who has had to pay will want to be reimbursed as well. I struggled to make those payments and always felt it was the town’s fault for letting land owners put roads in years ago without improvements resulting in the town not taking them over. If the town takes over the expense I am sure the tax payers will be the ones paying which would mean the people that already paid for their private road to be taken over will be paying twice. Elaine Cornelissen West Milford