Two West Milford residents among Passaic County recipients of Prudential grants

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:54

    Prudential Financial has a program called the CARES Volunteer Grants program. It awards grants to nonprofit groups with whom Prudential employees or retirees are involved. Seven people from Passaic County were awarded grants, including two from West Milford. Patricia Burns, a project management manager for Prudential Financial, received a Prudential CARES Volunteer Grants Award of $1,000 for the Sterling Forest Ski Patrol, a member group of the National Ski Patrol System, Inc. Burns volunteered 225 hours for the Sterling Forest Ski Patrol in 2004. In addition to going through extensive training, Burns provided emergency care to stabilize injured skiers before they can be transported to a care facility. Burns also served as a mentor for the new Outdoor Emergency Care instructors and even went through qualifications to try out for the instructor trainer position herself. The National Ski Patrol's vision is to be the premier provider of outstanding education programs and services benefiting the global outdoor recreation community. Kristen Koerner, a project management associate for Prudential Financial, received a Prudential CARES Volunteer Grants Award of $250 for the Township of West Milford in support of the West Milford Heritage Committee. In 2004, Koerner devoted 90 hours to the heritage committee. She was involved in planning and coordinating the West Milford Museum's 12th Annual Tennis Tournament, attending monthly business meetings and arranging for and displaying museum exhibits. Koerner was also responsible for staffing the open houses throughout the year. The West Milford Heritage Committee aims to provide an environment that promotes educational and cultural experiences for visitors to the museum. Founded in 1977, The Prudential Foundation is the nonprofit grant-making organization of Prudential Financial, Inc. It is part of Prudential's Community Resources Department. The mission of that particular department is to strengthen Prudential by investing financial resources, business expertise and associate volunteer skills in community programs.