Warwick evergreen to brighten New York City financial district

| 28 Sep 2011 | 03:02

WARWICK - James O’Sullivan said that his wife hates to drive around with him because all he wants to do is look at trees. Trees, however, are O’Sullivan’s business. He runs a tree service in Blauvelt and one of his recent assignments was to find a perfectly shaped Christmas tree to sit outside the New York Stock Exchange this year. “He was just passing by,” said Warwick resident Evelyn Rossi, “and he stopped and handed his card to my son and asked that I call his office. When I called, I was told that they would like my front yard tree to be this year’s Christmas tree outside the New York Stock Exchange.” Rossi has been living on Grand Avenue for 24 years and the magnificent 70-foot tall Norway Spruce had been there long before she moved in. The tree removal company has offered to replace the huge evergreen with a 10-foot Blue Spruce and to perform other landscaping and tree pruning services on her property. And when the workers remove the tree later this month, they can accurately determine its age. Although it may have grown too large for her front lawn, Rossi has mixed emotions about having her tree removed. But she’s proud of the fact that millions of people will have an opportunity to see it dressed in bright lights for the holiday season. And Rossi will also have an opportunity to visit it. The company has promised to arrange for a limousine ride to the city and dinner at a Manhattan restaurant. “I’m happy for it,” she smiled. “You have to be pretty good to make it in New York.” Mayor Michael Newhard also is happy about the selection of a Warwick tree. “I think it’s extraordinary,” he said. “And it’s especially appropriate because we’re a Tree City.” The Village of Warwick had been selected earlier this year as a “Tree City” by the Tree City USA program sponsored by the National Arbor Day Foundation.