West Milford

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:50

    6/16/05-Criminal Mischief n Germantown Road Criminal Mischief to van parked at above location. P.O. Jill Brickman 6/16/05 n Burglary/Theft n Landing Road Someone entered vehicle and removed change from vehicle. P.O. William Greer, Jr. 6/16/05 n MVA n Lakeshore Drive #1 n 17 year-old male from Hewitt #2 n Joseph Muller, Florida, NY, Age 42 D1 stated he was traveling north on Lakeshore Drive when V2 pulled out of Tansboro Road. He attempted to avoid but was impacted in the rear by V2. Both vehicles departed prior to officer's arrival. D1 responded to headquarters to make the report. D2 located. D2 issued summons for driving while suspended and leaving the scene of an accident. P.O. Thomas Celano 6/16/05 n Criminal Mischief n Clinton Road BB shot at window at above location. P.O. Greg Post, Jr. 6/16/05 n DWI n Union Valley Road Daniel Blewitt, Lincoln Park, Age 48 While on patrol officer observed vehicle being driven in an erratic manner and subsequently arrested driver for DWI. Sgt. James Paul 6/15/05 n Possession of CDS n Union Valley Road Daniel Carroll, Hewitt, Age 18 Officer was advised of juveniles by Pinecliff Lake Club House. Officer observed a juvenile fleeing the lot. Officer stopped the vehicle, identified the driver as above subject and advised him of why he was being stopped. An odor of burnt marijuana emanated from the vehicle. During a search officer observed marijuana. P.O. James McDaniel 6/15/05 n Criminal Mischief n Union Valley Road 5 juveniles involved in criminal mischief to the sign located at West Milford Florist. Paintballs were shot at sign. P.O. Gregory Post, Jr. 6/15/05 n MVA n Union Valley Road 17 year-old female from Butler V1 traveling south on Union Valley Road. Vehicle ran off the right side of the road partially up an embankment, came back on the road, overturned and landed in the front yard of 358 Union Valley Road. Driver issued summons for Provisional Drivers license and unsafe lane change. Driver taken to hospital by Northstar. P.O. Joseph Nevin 6/15/05 n Theft n Race Track Drive Unknown actors unlawfully removed items out of unlocked vehicle (1996 Chevy Pickup) Items missing: CD Player (Sony). Radio Shack radar detector. P.O. Casey Casbarro 6/11/05 n Criminal Mischief n Bearfort Road Mailbox damaged by unknown means. P.O. Frank Elia 6/13/05 n MVA n Route 23 N # 1 - 19 year-old male from Hewitt D1 states that he fell asleep while driving. Vehicle went off the road and struck a speed limit sign. Vehicle then went down an embankment and overturned. Vehicle slid on its roof, striking numerous trees. Driver taken to hospital by WMFAS #49. P.O. Robert Congleton 6/19/05 n DWI/Failure to Submit n Union Valley Road Shawn Triller, Madison, WI, Age 50 Officer advised of a white pickup truck in the Q&S parking lot, possibly being driven by a drunk driver. Officer identified the driver as above subject. He was administered field sobriety testing and placed under arrest. He refused to submit to breath testing. P.O. Casey Casbarro 6/18/05 n MVA n Oak Ridge Road #1 n Robert Minague, Oak Ridge, Age 60 #2 n Luigi Cantillo, Ringwood, Age 52 V1 traveling on Oak Ridge Road heading toward Route 23. V2 was traveling on Cozy Lake Road heading toward Paradise Road. V2 did not stop for a stop sign and drove into V1. D2 stated he did not stop. D2 issued summons for Disregard of traffic signal. Passenger in V1 taken to Chilton Hospital. P.O. James DeVore 6/18/05 n Criminal Mischief n Morsetown Road Lighting fixture driven over by UPS delivery truck. P.O. James DeVore 6/18/05 - Burglary/Theft n Morsetown Road Unknown actors removed power tools from victim's basement. No forced entry. Value $615. P.O. Michael Malfetti 6/17/05 n MVA n Otterhole Road Henry VanWettering, III, Vernon, Age 26 Driver traveling north on Otterhole Road lost control of vehicle. Vehicle crossed over the southbound lane and sideswiped a telephone pole. Driver issued summons for leaving the scene of an accident and failure to report an accident. P.O. Jill Brickman 6/17/05 n MVA n Route 23 Dorothy Helwig, Weehwken, Age 60 V1 traveling northbound on Route 23i n the right lane. Driver stated she fell asleep. Vehicle went off the roadway onto an embankment. V1 glanced a telephone pole and continued along the embankment. Vehicle came to rest on the shoulder of Route 23. WMFAS#48 transported driver to Chilton Hospital. P.O. James DeVore