West Milford Police

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:13

    May 5-MVA-Union Valley Road Lawrence O'Conner, West Milford, DOB 3/22 D1 states that he ran off the road to avoid getting hit by another vehicle that crossed over the double yellow lines to pass another vehicle. V1 then ran up an embankment striking a rock damaging the undercarriage. P.O. Michael Malfetti May 5-Criminal Mischief-Route 23N Vehicle damaged by tire iron on Route 23 for unknown reason by unknown actor. Officer responded to the above area. Upon arrival officer met victim. He explained that a small black vehicle was following him on the highway. The vehicle tried to ram his vehicle in the side, causing him to go onto the shoulder. He then stopped and the small black car stopped next to him, the passenger got out, and hit his vehicle with a tire iron. Unable to locate accused. P.O. William Pittelko May 5-Burglary/Theft-Woodside Drive Truck parked at above location (residence). Bins on the side of the truck (dump) were left unlocked. Bins were found open in the morning and found all items inside missing. Approx. value of items inside $1500. P.O. Steven Blacksmith May 3-MVA/DWI-Greenwood Lake Turnpike #1-Johnson Cheriyan, Hewitt, DOB 5/65 #2-Donald Glasspool, Highland Lakes, DOB 3/46 D1 stated that he was moving slowly in heavy traffic on Greenwood Lake Turnpike when he was struck in the rear by V2. He stated D2 looked sleepy. D2 stated V1 stopped short for no reason and he skidded on the wet pavement and hit V1. D2 arrested for DWI at scene. Vehicle impounded. D2 issued summons for Careless Driving and DWI. P.O. Dennis O'Donnell May 2-DWI /MVA-Weaver Road Christopher Carbone, West Milford, DOB 11/81 V1 involved in a single car MVA about 1/4-mile in from Macopin Road. Vehicle's driver (above) found unresponsive in driver seat un-seat belted. WMFAS#47 and ALS9801 as well as Fire Department on scene. Driver transported to hospital by MediVac. Smell of alcoholic beverage on driver's breath. Investigation shows vehicle 1 traveling west on Weaver Road. river lost control in a bend in roadway. Vehicle then spun out going sideways into a berm. Vehicle was then thrown off the berm going backwards. Vehicle then went in between a utility pole and support wire and struck a tree with rear trunk area of vehicle. Vehicle was then thrown forwards, spun around, landing facing west next to the white fog line on the eastbound side of Weaver Road. Driver was arrested for DWI. P.O. William Pittelko May 2-MVA-Marshall Hill Road #1-Gerald Rifenbark, West Milford, (parked vehicle) #2-Unknown n fled scene Vehicle #1 parked facing north in the parking lot in front of the Shop Rite. The vehicle was properly parked; nose in, near the end of the parking aisle. An unknown vehicle that was parked on the other side of vehicle #1 struck V1 then left the scene. When the driver of V1 came out of the Shop Rite and went to his vehicle he noticed the damage to the front of his car. No car was parked in front of his car at that time. P.O. John Pesenti May 2-Criminal Mischief n Morris Ave. Mailbox pulled from mailbox post and damaged hardware that braces the mailbox. P.O. James DeVore, Jr. May 2-Burglary/Theft n Union Valley Road Unknown actor entered apartment and removed $150. nder investigation. P.O. Donald O'Keefe May 1-Criminal Mischief/Trespassing n Post Road Officer dispatched to the above location on a report of criminal mischief. Upon arrival the victim explained that 10-15 junked vehicles (used for parts) had their windows and taillights smashed. Damages estimated at $10,000. P.O. Frank Elia May 1-Theft-Red Chimney Lane Unknown actors removed a landscape rake from Bobcat taken from job site at above location. Value $6900. P.O. James Devore, Jr. May 1-DWI-Warwick Turnpike/Lakeshore Drive Thomas Waterhouse, Hewitt, DOB 8/82 Officer running stationary radar on Warwick Turnpike ½ mile south of Lakeshore Drive. Officer observed the above going at a high rate of speed. Emergency warning lights were activated and driver found to be intoxicated. P.O. Gary Yarnall April 30-MVA-Macopin Road #1 n Palma Riley, West Milford, DOB 8/19 V1 traveling southbound on Macopin Road heading toward Arundel Road. D1 stated she looked to see if her window was down and her vehicle hit a rock. The vehicle sustained damage to front passenger side tire and suspension. P.O. James DeVore, Jr. April 30-Car Fire-Lyons Road UGL Fire Co on scene when officer arrived. Fire was out. Front of pickup belonging to above driver damaged. P.O. Stephen Braikovich