West Milford Police

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:45

    Dec. 26-DWI-Route 23 North/Cross Road Vincent Ptak, Oak Ridge, DOB 6/57 Anonymous report of an erratic Driver on Route 23. Officer observed the above at the intersection of Echo Lake Road/Route 23 North. While traveling behind vehicle officer observed vehicle cross the center line on several occasions. Driver arrested for DWI. P.O. Carol Stelmach Dec. 26 n MVA n Continental Road #1 n Anthony Capolongo, West Milford, DOB 12/57 #2 n Dana Edwards, West Milford, DOB 4/85 V1 parked in the driveway on Continental Road. D2 lost control of vehicle due to snow on the road and struck the front of V1. P.O. Stephen Stratton Dec. 26 n MVA n Oak Ridge Road #1 n Deborah Faber, Oak Ridge, DOB 1/54 D1 stated that while traveling west on Oak Ridge Road due to ice conditions on the roadway her vehicle began to fishtail. Driver lost control, slid off the roadway, went up over a rock embankment; side swiped a utility pole and came to rest on top of a pile of rocks. P.O. Gary Yarnall Dec. 26 n MVA n Ridge Road Desirae Ferraiolo, West Milford, DOB 4/87 D1 traveling south on Ridge Road. D1 stated the vehicle spun to the left, slid off the road, and struck a mailbox and tree. V1 came to rest off the road, facing north. P.O. Stephen Singerline Dec. 26 n MVA n Macopin Road #1 n Cynthia Vonderfecht, West Milford, DOB 5/83 #2 n Earle Hines III, West Milford, DOB 12/84 V1 making a right turn from Macopin Road into driveway on Macopin Road. V2 was traveling north on Macopin and struck the rear of V1. P.O. Stephen Singerline Dec. 26 n MVA n Clinton Road Jennie Gazetas, Hewitt, DOB 9/65 D1 stated that while traveling southbound on Clinton Road she passed a slower moving vehicle traveling in the same direction over the double yellow lines in a no passing zone. D1 then stated while trying to enter back into the lane of travel she had a shifting problem, lost control of the vehicle, ran off the road, struck an embankment and rolled the vehicle onto the driver's side. D1 refused medical attention. D1 issued summons for Careless Driving and Improper Passing. P.O. Gary Yarnall Dec. 26 n MVA/DWI n Route 23 North #1 n Briana Brennan, Greenwood Lake, NY, DOB 10/82 D1 traveling north on Route 23 in the left lane of traffic. Driver lost control of vehicle as it approached Germantown Road. Vehicle began to skid sideways, jumped curb, and skidded off roadway into the woods, striking several trees. Driver of V1 was subsequently placed under arrest for DWI. Summons: Careless Driving, DWI and Refusal to submit to Breath Testing. P.O. John Pesenti Dec. 26 n MVA n Warwick Turnpike #1 n Cynthia Cubelo, Hewitt, DOB 9/87 D1 stated she was traveling south on Warwick Turnpike. Driver stated she was rounding a curve when her vehicle began to slide and struck a street sign and mailboxes, causing impact. P.O. Jason Lowenfeld Dec. 25 n MVA n Canistear Road Margo Bonblis, Kinnelon, DOB 4/45 D1 traveling wet on Canistear Road when she struck a deer that ran out in the roadway. Minor damage to front driver side fender. P.O. Carol Stelmach Dec. 24 n MVA n Marshall Hill Road #1 n Stratos Mautos, West Milford, DOB 6/27 #2 n Marion Ennis, Sterling Forest, NY, DOB 2/53 D1 stopped at stop sign on Marshall Hill Road/Lincoln Ave. D2 did not realize that V1 was stopped and V2 made contact into V1. P.O. James DeVore, Jr. Dec. 24 n MVA n Warwick Turnpike Aimie Knapp, Hewitt, DOB 12/84 D1 stated she was traveling south on Warwick Turnpike and lost control of the vehicle when she hit an ice patch. D1 crossed over the roadway and struck the guide rail then bounced back into the northbound fast lane of traffic. P.O. Michael Malfetti Dec. 24 n MVA n Greenwood Lake Turnpike Kenneth Kroeze, Hewitt, DOB 10/51 Driver states he was driving north on Greenwood Lake Turnpike when he hit ice and lost control of his vehicle hitting a guide rail. P.O. David VanDalinda Dec. 23 n MVA n Morsetown Road John Gulan, West Milford, DOB 7/87 D1 traveling south on Morsetown Road swerved to miss a deer that ran in front of vehicle. Vehicle went off the left side of road and went up an embankment and overturned in northbound lane. Both drivers and passenger received a small cut on their hands. P.O. William Greer, Jr. Dec. 23 n MVA n Warwick Turnpike #1 n Brigit Duffy, Mahwah, DOB 11/83 Kelly Hughes, Hewitt, DOB 10/85 D1 pulled into parking lot of Utopia Deli and stopped for traffic pulling out. V2 didn't see V1 behind her vehicle and backed into V2. P.O. William Greer, Jr. Dec. 23 n MVA n Union Valley Road #1 n Thomas Seitz, West Milford, DOB 11/64 #2 n Laura Griffith, West Milford, DOB 8/86 D1 at Union Valley Road making a let at green arrow traffic light intersection Marshall Hill Road continuing on Union Valley Road, when V2 ran red traffic light and struck V1 causing minor damage to both vehicles. Driver 2 issued summons for disregard of traffic signal. P.O. Carol Stelmach Dec. 23 n Criminal Mischief n Ridge Road Unknown actors broke window screen and glass by throwing object at same. P.O. Casey Casbarro Dec. 23 n Burglary n Hillcrest Drive Officer was dispatched to the above location on a reported burglary. Doors were wide open when homeowner returned home. Officer checked interior of residence and found no one inside. Nothing appeared to be missing. P.O. Frank Elia Dec. 23 n MVA - West Milford High School Parking lot #1 n Timothy Duda, West Milford, DOB 12/86 #2 n Ryan Mastropole, Newfoundland, DOB 6/87 D1 traveling east exiting the West Milford High School senior parking lot was hit by V2 in the rear driver side as V2 was facing south exiting a parking space. Neither driver saw the other. Both vehicles were moved prior to officer's arrival. P.O. Charles McQuaid Dec. 22 n MVA n Route 23 Northbound Jessica Stefanic, Newfoundland, DOB 10/86 D1 traveling north on Route 23 just past Germantown Road in the right lane, slid on the wet road, across the left lane and off the roadway. P.O. Charles McQuaid Dec. 22 n MVA n Lakeshore Drive Melissa Woods, West Milford, DOB 8/82 D1 stated she was traveling around a bend on Lakeshore Road when she slid on ice and went off the roadway into an embankment. P.O. Frank Elia Dec. 22 n MVA n Warwick Turnpike #1 n John Vanslooten, Hewitt, DOB 5/60 #2 n Steven VanHooker, West Milford, DOB 8/86 D1 stated he was traveling north on Warwick Turnpike in the curve, his vehicle fishtailed out on the ice roadway causing vehicle to swerve off roadway into large boulders. Vehicle then struck the boulders and overturned and slid into middle of roadway on its driver side. V2 was traveling south on Warwick Turnpike into the curve when it struck V1 head on after it already had overturned. P.O. Frank Elia Dec. 21 n Theft n Lakeside Road Unknown actor took a pontoon tube from water at above location. Pontoon tube is 20 ft. long and weighs up to 350 lbs. P.O. Frank Elia Dec. 19 - MVA - Union Valley Road Bonnie Mcquade, West Milford, DOB 5/64 V1 traveling north on Union Valley Road as storm started. Road ice covered and vehicle slid off of right side of roadway. Front bumper struck raised area by storm drain. Vehicle went across the roadway and struck other dirt mounds on left side of roadway and came to rest. Driver stated she injured her hand and will seek her own medical attention. P.O. William Greer Dec. 19 - MVA - East Shore Road Jason Helinski, Ringwood, DOB 6/49 D1 stated she was traveling north on East Shore Road when her vehicle slid on the icy roadway, spun several times, then slid off the roadway and impacted the embankment and a tree. Driver issued summons for failure to exhibit registration and Driving while suspended. P.O. Thomas Celano Dec. 19 - MVA - Oak Ridge Road Richard Breakstone, Sparta, DOB 4/55 Above driver traveling west on Oak Ridge Road when he lost control of his vehicle due to severe inclement road conditions. Oak ridge Road was a slippery sheet of ice, causing operation to be difficult. Driver lost control of his vehicle and rolled it on the driver side. Both driver and passenger unharmed. P.O. Carol Stelmach Dec. 18 - MVA - Union Valley Road Sheryl Hogan, West Milford, DOB 11/67 Deer ran out of wooded area directly into path of vehicle giving driver no chance to avoid striking it. P.O. Robert Tomaschek Dec. 18 - MVA - Oak Ridge Road #1 - Donna Osborn, Oak Ridge, DOB 2/74 #2 - Brian Wunder, West Milford, DOB 9/87 V1 traveling east on Oak Ridge Road. V2 northbound on Cozy Lake Road. D2 stated he isn't familiar with area and didn't see stop sign. D1 stated V2 ran stop sign and vehicles impacted. WMFAS transported Drivers and passengers to Morristown Hospital. P.O. James DeVore