West Milford Township Police

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:55

    9/15/05 n Theft n High Street Purse was taken from vehicle while parked in a driveway at above location. Vehicle was unlocked. P.O. James DeVore 9/15/05 n Burglary/Theft n Vreeland Road Unknown actor entered the victim's driveway then entered an unlocked vehicle (1998 Honda) and removed a CD case containing about 100 cd's. Value $100 P.O. John Pesenti 9/15/05 n Burglary/Theft n Old Hickory Road Actor entered driveway, then entered unlocked vehicle and removed a wallet and briefcase from same. P.O. John Pesenti 9/13/05 n Criminal Mischief n Highlander Drive While parked at the high school unknown actors broke off the driver side mirror on 2005 Toyota Sgt. Richard Fiorilla 9/13/05 n Criminal Mischief n Marshall Hill Road Unknown actor shattered front glass window on Abby Cinema. P.O. Carol Stelmach 9/13/05 n Criminal Mischief n Fairlawn Drive Unknown actor broke vent window on vehicle parked at above location. P.O. Donald O'Keefe 9/12/05 n Criminal Mischief n Macopin Road Damage to roof at Macopin School. Sometime between 9/10 and 9/12 unknown actors climbed up the gutters near the breezeway gaining access to the roof. While upon the roof the actors kicked the stack to the theater causing extensive damage also damaging the central air system. The damages were approx. $800 P.O. Jill Brickman 9/12/05 n Theft n Shop Rite Lot Unknown actors removed a cell phone from vehicle. P.O. Robert Congleton 9/18/05 n Theft n Macopin Road Items removed from unlocked 2003 Ford SUV while parked at above location. P.O. Jill Brickman 9/18/05 n Burglary/Theft/Criminal Mischief n Ash Road Unknown actors threw large rock into passenger side front window and removed CDs. P.O. Jill Brickman 9/16/05 n Criminal Mischief n WM High School Unknown actor damaged roof fans on high school roof. P.O. James McDaniel