"Where in the world was Carmine?"

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:56

    To the Editor: Over 60 residents attended the September 26 meeting of the Bald Eagle Village Association. And the board showed this community's interest in municipal governance by inviting the four candidates for town council. However, it appears that the incumbent Republican Councilman, Carmine Scangarello, did not think his presence was necessary as he was the only candidate who did not find the time to attend. (By the way, the candidates were invited to attend back in May.) It's a shame that an elected official would snub members of his own community. However, it is not surprising. When Mr. Scangarello was running for council two years ago, he was conspicuously absent from most public events, including the debate at the high school for two-year term candidates to address the concerns of the public. In addition, during his first one and a half years in office, he has repeatedly had "nothing to report" during council meetings. Only since election season has he found things to say periodically at these meetings. But when given an opportunity to address the concerns of the residents of Bald Eagle Village, Mr. Scangarello showed in his absence, his consistent disregard for speaking directly with the public — just one of many reasons why he does not deserve to be re-elected. Diana Romero West Milford