WM blotter

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:45

    Jan. 9-MVA-Reidy Place #1 - parked vehicle Wireless Network Group, Oradell, NJ #2 - Charles Helms, West Milford, DOB 7/77 V1 parked. V2 backing from driveway struck V1 parked. P.O. Stephen Braikovich Jan. 9 - MVA - Ridge Road #1 - Kurt Goldhammer, West Milford, DOB 3/57 #2 - Kristen Morrissey, West Milford, DOB 12/87 D1 stated that while traveling north on Ridge Road was struck in driver's side door area by V2. D2 stated that while making a left from Ridge Road into Town Centre Deli parking lot, struck V1 who came out of nowhere. Damage on V1; driver's side door and driver's side. Damage on V2; driver's side front. P.O. Stephen Braikovich Jan. 9 - DWI - Country Roads Deli (Union Valley Road) Timothy Thomas, Hewitt, DOB 3/66 Officer dispatched to the area of Q&S Deli on Union Valley Road for an intoxicated male driving a Ford Bronco. Officer received numerous calls of vehicle being driven by an intoxicated driver. Officer observed the vehicle hit a snow bank and pull into the lot of Country Roads Deli. Driver arrested for DWI. P.O. Michael Malfetti Jan. 9 - Criminal Mischief - Point Breeze Drive Unknown actors smashed victim's door and window at above location. House is being renovated. P.O. Michael Malfetti Jan. 8 - MVA - Lakeshore Drive South #1 - Brenda Harr, Hewitt, DOB 10/68 #2 - Anthony Giantonio III, Hewitt, DOB 1/60 V1 attempted to pull out of Dove Court onto Lakeshore Drive South and got stuck on the ice and was struck by V2 who was traveling north on Lakeshore Drive. D2 stated he did not see V1 until it was too late due to the overhanging shrubs that were partially blocking the roadway. P.O. Michael Malfetti Jan. 8 - Criminal Mischief - Clinton Road Unknown actors used a "flour baby" to smash rear window on vehicle. P.O. Stephen Braikovich Jan. 8 - Criminal Mischief - Route 23 Vehicle damaged by unknown object. Scratches from front to rear bumper on body of vehicle 2003 Dodge pickup parked at above location. P.O. Carol Stelmach Jan. 8 - DWI/Open Container - Germantown Road/Macopin Road Timothy Thomas, Hewitt, DOB 3/66 While on patrol officer observed a vehicle turn right from Macopin onto Germantown Road turning into oncoming traffic lane, mounting the curb and coming to rest on the snow covered lawn. Officer arrested driver for DWI. P.O. Stephen Stratton Jan. 7 - Criminal Mischief - Cedarbrook Road Unknown actors used unknown objects to damage victim's car and mailbox. P.O. Stephen Braikovich Jan. 7 - MVA - Lakeshore Drive #1 - Jay Bakay, Jr., Hewitt, DOB 10/84 #2 - Jason Giantonio, Hewitt, DOB 11/82 D1 stated he was traveling south on Lakeshore Drive when in a curve slid on the icy roadway and lost control of his vehicle. D1 then impacted V2 head on. D2 stated he was traveling north on Lakeshore Drive when V2 crossed into their lane of travel and caused impact. No injuries reported. P.O. Frank Elia Jan. 6 - Criminal Mischief - Hearthstone Drive Unknown actors smashed victim's mailbox with a baseball bat. P.O. John Pesenti Jan. 6 - MVA - Warwick Turnpike Diana Higgins, Hewitt, DOB 11/65 D1 stated she was traveling south on Warwick Turnpike when an unknown vehicle traveling in the opposite direction crossed over the double yellow lines into her lane of travel. This caused V1 to swerve off the roadway onto icy shoulder and into utility pole. P.O. Frank Elia Jan. 6 - MVA - Union Valley Road #1 - Gerald Montesano, West Milford, DOB 10/64 #2 - Asa Monson, Bloomingdale, DOB 4/87 #3 - Noel Coldwell III, West Milford, DOB 11/87 V1 stopped waiting to make a left turn onto Concord Road and V2 was stopped behind V1. V3 was northbound and according to the driver, he saw the 2 stopped vehicles and attempted to stop. He said the car started to skid on the wet pavement; he attempted to control the skid and struck V2 in the rear and this drove V2 into V1. V1 had minor scratches to the rear bumper. V2 had rear end damage, V3 had front-end damage. No reported injuries. P.O. Dennis O'Donnell Jan. 6 - Criminal Mischief - Point Breeze Drive Unknown actor pushed over a light post at a residence at above location. P.O. James DeVore Jan. 6 - Burglary/Theft - Bearfort Road DVD player stolen from vehicle parked at above location (unlocked). Value $300 P.O. David VanDalinda Jan. 6 - Criminal Mischief - Upper High Crest Drive Unknown actors damage mailbox stand at above location. P.O. Casey Casparro Jan. 5 - MVA - Route 23 Hardayal Singh, Oak Ridge, DOB 9/68 V1 traveling north on Route 23 just past Germantown Road skidded on the icy road and lost control, left the roadway over the curb and off a five-foot rock ledge. No injuries reported. P.O. Charles McQuaid Jan. 4 - DWI - Route 23/Canistear Road Robert Meluso, Kinnelon, DOB 9/65 While on patrol officer running stationary radar observed a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed. Officer stopped vehicle and found driver to be intoxicated. Driver issued summons for DWI. P.O. Gary Yarnall Jan. 4 - Theft - Clayton Road Unknown actors removed two Christmas gifts from unlocked vehicle valued at $40 P.O. Michael Malfetti Jan. 3 - Burglary - Point Breeze Drive Vehicle (unlocked) entered, nothing taken P.O. Donald O'Keefe Jan. 3 - Criminal Mischief - Hamburg Turnpike Actor broke front windshield of victim's dump truck by firing 2 shots from a bb or pellet gun. P.O. John Pesenti Jan. 3 - MVA - Union Valley Road Robyn McCormack, Hamburg, DOB 9/83 D1 stated that while traveling north on Union Valley Road struck a deer that ran out in front of her. Damage to windshield and passenger side area of vehicle. P.O. Stephen Braikovich Jan. 3 - MVA - Marshall Hill Road Edna Adamkiewicz, Hewitt, DOB 3/44 D1 stated she was parking into a handicapped parking space. D1 stated that another vehicle approached and distracted her with its headlights. Driver made contact into the parking sign, causing damage to the front end on the driver side. P.O. James Devore, Jr. Jan. 3 - MVA - Macopin Road #1 - Andrew Whritenour, Hasbrouck Heights, DOB 11/75 #2 - Joseph Goodman, Oak Ridge, DOB 6/86 D1 stopped northbound on Macopin Road waiting in traffic to make a left turn onto Gould Road. Vehicle behind V1 passed V1 on the right then northbound V2 ran into the rear of V1. P.O. Stephen Stratton Jan. 3 - MVA - Route 23 #1 - Louis Fascia, Jr., Oak Ridge, DOB 5/48 #2 - Mildred Matthews, Franklin, DOB 8/30 D1 stopped at Route 23 north at intersection of LaRue Road on a red traffic light. V2 rear-ended V1 due to driver inattention, causing minor damage to V1 ear bumper. P.O. Carol Stelmach Jan. 2 - Criminal Mischief/Theft - Fairlawn Drive Unknown actors removed Christmas ornaments from victim's front lawn at above location. Ornaments valued at $100 P.O. Michael Malfetti Jan. 2 n MVA n Route 23 North Brittany Hall, Oak Ridge, DOB 2/83 Driver states she was in the left lane of Route 23 and she came up behind a slow moving vehicle. As she passed vehicle going into the right lane in a curve her vehicle started to swerve. She tried to get control of her vehicle and does not know what happened after that. Driver did not want medical attention for an injured wrist. Passenger reported no injuries. Driver issued summons for careless driving. P.O. William Pittelko Jan. 2 n Criminal Mischief n Hamburg Turnpike Unknown actor slashed 14 tires on landscaping equipment at above location. Value $1500 Lt. Gene Chiosie Jan. 1 - Criminal Mischief - Union Valley Road Bottle thrown through driver side window while parked at above location. P.O. James DeVore, Jr. Dec. 31 n MVA n Marshall Hill Road Sean Brand, Newfoundland, DOB 11/69 Driver stated he fell asleep behind the wheel. Vehicle was traveling northbound on Marshall Hill Road, heading toward Union Valley Road. Vehicle went off the road running over a stop sign and 2 small trees. Vehicle sustained damage to front end and undercarriage. P.O. James DeVore, JR. Dec. 31 n MVA n Ridge Road Michael Kinon, West Milford, DOB 8/86 Investigation concurs with driver's statement. Vehicle traveling north on Ridge Road, driver fell asleep, ran off the road, struck 2 mailboxes and a tree. No injuries reported. Driver issued summons for Provisional Driver. P.O. Joseph Nevin Dec. 30 n DWI n Morsetown Road Barry Winter, West Milford, DOB 12/53 While on patrol in the area of Marshall Hill Road officer observed vehicle being driven in an erratic manner. Driver was arrested for DWI. P.O. James McDaniel Dec. 30 n DWI/Failure to maintain lane/Refusal n Union Valley Road Joseph Kelleher, Warwick, NY, DOB 9/76 While on patrol dispatcher advised patrol units of a call of a vehicle "all over the road". Vehicle was observed and found to be having a difficult time maintaining a lane. Driver was issued summons for DWI. P.O. Donald O'Keefe