WMAA Gallery lists new exhibit

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:16

    WEST MILFORD-The West Milford Artists Association Gallery, 1443 Union Valley Road, announces a group exhibition of works by Debra Heinks-Bergerson, Allesandro Fasano and Donie Schmidt. An opening reception will be held from 7-9 p.m., Oct. 9. For further information call the gallery at 973-728-1119. In this selection of works, extravagant color, texture and form explores the realists' perception of portraiture, three-dimensional formations, and wildlife. Several works are collaborations of the artists. Incorporating an emotional edge to her subjects, Debra Heinks-Bergerson explicitly divulges her own emotional expression through her portraits and her application of mediums. Beyond her free stroking of color, she wants to "create a whimsical atmosphere." "I use color, line movement and texture for this purpose of mood enhancement." She clearly captures the essence of the individual and subject matter. Her inspiration has always been her observations of people and in their particular environment. In collaboration with Schmidt, Heinks treats the viewer to her boldness of color, yet, in contrast, a sense of quiet. The subject matter, her son and his pets, are contently sleeping intermingled with each other. Allesandro Fasano uses clay to create time-encapsuling pieces - time being the viewers'. Through her use of unusual shapes and bold color and design, Fasano's vessels and bowlery redefines the concept of functional. She brings the "user" beyond using, allowing the art itself to overpower. Her Italian heritage is brought forth through her use of glaze and form. "My passion is to create functional objects with unusual shapes. Bright colored glazes used in many of my pieces reflect my heritage as an Italian, and bring out the unique flavor of my country." Living for a time in Argentina, she began her ceramic career when inspired by a local potter. She considers what she is doing as a life-long dream come true. "Untitled" goes beyond being a symbol of civilization. The contrast between her line-producing texture and color produces a happy, fun feeling when viewed. Born in Colorado, Donie Schmidt grew up in New Mexico, surrounded by natural beauty and wildife. Through the use of pastels and a rough paper, she uses layering with color to produce depth in expressing the texture of her subjects. Her earlier works reflected the use of acrylics, oils and watercolors, which lead her to her primary medium, "Pastels have become a passion. They have a wonderful array of colors and textures. I love that the only tools I need are my fingers. My favorites subject to paint are animals and I always start with the eyes. That is the soul of the animal and of my work." While on a Wagon Train trip in North Dakota Schmidt found her inspiration for "Tender Care", capturing a little girl and her grandfather exploring the meadows together. The expanse and detailed texture of the background confirms the emotional content of the piece. Self taught until moving to New Jersey, she found Milton Patterson, of the Wyckoff Art Gallery, where she realized her potential and love of creating art. Since moving to West Milford, Donie pursues her studies with Jean Kelly and Vince Heuring.