X-treme Habitat lobbies residents during festival

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:17

    WEST MILFORD-X-treme Habitat, a non-profit organization endeavoring to create and maintain an "alternative" recreation facility in northern New Jersey, discussed its vision with attendees at the Autumn Lights Festival in West Milford on Oct. 9. Chris Howell, President of X-treme Habitat said, "Our group has been working on this project since 2001 because there is tremendous need for safe, legal areas for "alternative" sports enthusiasts. We had a great day talking about our vision with the people attending the festival. There was a lot of positive feedback and we received quite a few generous donations. We'll be back next year." Mark Wundrak of Team BSY/Yamaha, a West Milford resident, professional motocross racer and positive role model for area motorcyclists, signed autographs in the X-treme Habitat booth all day long. The display included Wundrack's safety equipment and race machine as well as OHV's from local enthusiasts, bicycles from Town Cycle, skateboards from Specialty Sports and a hand cycle as would be used in X-treme Habitat programs for the disabled. The lay out was located on Union Valley Road across from Valley View Pub and Family Restaurant. The group's self-supporting program plans include a bicycle motocross track, skate park for inline skates and skateboards, unique facilities for persons with disabilities, mountain bike trails, ATV and motorcycle trails and practice tracks. X-treme Habitat, a non-profit organization, endeavors to create, operate and maintain an "alternative" recreation complex devoted to support and develop amateur athletes for national competition. The group intends to work closely with all interested parties to promote unity, environmental awareness, health and amateur athletics while providing excitement and family values to a growing community of "alternative" recreation enthusiasts at no cost to taxpayers.