YES Network's ‘Ultimate Road Trip' stops in Warwick

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:54

Warwick - Christa Robinson of Manhattan said once she heard about the casting call for the YES Network's ‘Ultimate Road Trip," she had to audition: "It's for die-hard Yankee fans who go to every single Yankee game n and then different points of interest throughout each city we visit." "The whole premise is that we go to every single Yankee game, but today is an off day, we'll do different fun things like this, sometimes baseball-related, sometimes not baseball-related, like when we were in Chicago, we visited the Sears Tower." No Sears Tower this day - Monday, actually, nor any city. This was Warwick, less than 60 miles from Yankee Stadium, and the non baseball-related activity is the Warwick Corn Maze. The Ultimate Road Trip is "one of the highest rated programs on the YES Network, extremely popular in News York City," said cameraman Will Taylor. The show follows four contestants for six months. In addition to Robinson, the other contestants for this season include Dave and Ray from New Jersey and Vinny from Queens. Aerial camera work on the show should allow viewers to get the real feel of the magnificent 10-acre maze. And cameramen followed contestants through the maze as well. Cindy Morrison said she and husband Brad were contacted by Orange County Tourism after the YES Network had inquired about a corn maze for its program. Monday's filming even had an audience n an eight-year-old girl Yankee fan from Pine Bush named Rose Felice and her mother Maureen. Mom and daughter had heard the shooting at the corn maze teased on the Ultimate Road Trip program the night before n so came out to watch the shoot. Maureen Felice said the Ultimate Road Trip is the only television program she allows her daughter to watch - other than Yankee games. "She watches movies, that's it. Even the commercials are terrible." Rose Felice is home-schooled and has been going to Yankee games since she was three. Asked why she likes the Yankees so much she said, "Because my mom does." Cindy Morrison said her husband plants the corn, dries it out and cuts the maze himself. Brad said it was the second driest summer on record, therefore making the corn harder to cut. He said he had to go out with a machete this year. With a few false starts, the producer calling contestants back to begin again. "It's only partially reality, I'm discovering," Brad Morrison quipped. Finishing times range, said Morrison. "Some people finish in about 15 minutes; most people who put their mind to it, maybe a half hour n some people an hour. Some people spend two hours and come back out the entrance." As far as who won n maybe YES would prefer people tune into the show, which will air on Sunday, Sept. 18, at 7:30 p.m. During their visit to Orange County, the crew and contestants also stayed at the historic Cromwell Manor Inn in Cornwall and visited Painter's Tavern and Jones Farm. The next day, in addition to facing the challenge of the Warwick Corn Maze, the group also sampled some local cuisine at The Quaker Creek Store then moved onto Masker Orchards in Warwick for a second round of competition in apple picking, according to the Orange County Tourism Office. The Warwick Corn Maze also has a pumpkin patch, refreshments and will be offering a week of paintball the week after Halloween. On the weekend of Oct. 15-16, special hours will accommodate a full moon and the maze will stay open for two nights until 10:30 p.m. (bring flashlights). The Warwick Corn Maze is located on Big Island Road in Warwick. For more information, go to or call (845) 469-3176.