America’s infrastructure needs

| 05 Apr 2021 | 06:42

    To the Editor:

    President Biden’s proposed infrastructure bill is predicated on the2021 Report Card for America’s infrastructure, which shows for the first time some progress in our infrastructure.

    The report that has been reported for many years shows for the first time in 20 years that our infrastructure has a rating of C- minus! which shows a rise from a D plus in 2017! We for too long have neglected our infrastructure needs.

    By 2039, America’s overdue infrastructure bill will cost the average American household $3,300 a year, or $63 a week. Our failing highways and bridges can cost an average $1,400 a year and on the world stage out of 141 nations we rank 17th (American Society of Civil Engineers).

    Biden’s infrastructure bill will put people back to work, and make America safe and competitive. Here are Infrastructure needs that are imperative:

    1. Surface transportation

    2. Drinking water

    3. Electricity

    4. Airports

    5. Inland waterways and marine ports

    6. Dams

    7. Hazardous and solid waste

    8. Levees

    9. Public parks and recreation

    10. Schools

    We are nowhere near needed funding gaps. We need repairs to modernize and to compete. China and the world are meeting their needs. We need to do an FDR and Dwight Eisenhower leap forward, now. This will put people back to work in every field, including food sales for workers.

    This is long overdue!

    Bill Weightman