An argument to vote no on question 1

| 28 Sep 2011 | 03:01

    Vote “no” on Open Space question 1 to prevent property tax increases. Misleading campaign signs support that question! But, that referendum transfers up to 100 percent of future Open Space funds to recreation, away from buying tracts like Eagle Ridge to stop development. That development would increase school taxes, plus police, garbage, roads etc. The pro-development council majority approved this referendum, insulting residents who in 2000 voted for Open Space taxes to buy land to protect our precious water and beautiful environment. Parks and Recreation gets $1.5 million/yr in taxes, plus grants, recreation fees, and Jungle Habitat profits. Do they need $13/home ($150,000/yr total) Open Space money? When buying land for conservation, but not recreation, state and county match our dollars with $39/home. Open Space funds must buy out developers who sue for “property takings,” when they aren’t paid for their land. Otherwise, high-density development would deplete our well water (including MUA wells) and bring lake pollution, traffic congestion, noise pollution, air pollution and increased flooding. Vote “no” on ballot question #1 to preserve Open Space funds for buying out developers, stabilizing taxes, protecting our well water, environment and rural quality of life for future generations.