Angry at status quo

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:59

    To the editor: Carmelo Scangarello, Republican candidate for the West Milford council in November’s election, is pushing himself with a campaign slogan of “Action, Not Words,” as if he is the strong, silent John Wayne type. Considering a comment Scangarello made during a recent council meeting, the township’s Republicans should stick a gag in his mouth to stop him from talking at all. During a recent council debate about whether or not to restore a second slot for public comment at the end of council meetings, Scangarello said, “We’re already at ten after ten. To have another open discussion I think we are looking for trouble. I think it would be detrimental if we went ahead and did something like that.” The translation of that is: God forbid, we should have to listen to the public. So, it’s ten after ten? Do meetings have to end at the expense of public comment because Scangarello has to be somewhere else? Does the man of action have trouble acting once the clock ticks past ten after ten? Does he have to ride off on one of John Wayne’s old horses? Ever since Scangarello and his Republican cronies have taken control of the township’s council, they have maneuvered to limit the public’s voice in government. Scangarello and friends have cut the number of meetings the council holds, they have eliminated one of two periods for public participation during meetings and they don’t even follow their own rules about how meetings should be conducted. As bad, is the attendance of some of the Republicans at meetings. Joseph DiDonato, supposedly the leader of the council, appointed someone to fill in for him at meetings of the planning board and lately his stand-in has been having trouble making those important meetings. Recently, DiDonato himself has missed three straight meetings of the council and left the conducting of business to the ill-prepared William Gervens. The township needs people on the council who will represent the public better than Scangarello, DiDonato, Gervens and the rest of the Republicans have since January of 2004. I will cast my vote on November 8 for Democrats Andrew Gargano and Paul Marino and you should, too. Also, while you are behind the curtain, vote no on the referendum that would allow Scangarello and his recreation department buddies to rip off money that has been earmarked for open space. Brenda Yanni Hewitt