“Consider councilman's actions”

| 28 Sep 2011 | 03:01

    To the editor: Carmelo Scangarello, a candidate for re-election to the West Milford Township council, is being painted by his supporters as a person who lets his actions speak louder than his words. I don’t dispute that. Indeed, I think all township voters — Republicans and Democrats alike — should consider Scangarello’s actions in addition to the smokescreen he is hiding behind in his campaign. Consider that: 1.) In his entire first year on the council Scangarello voted only with the majority. He never showed that he was even capable of independent thought and was a member of a council that didn’t register one negative vote from the day it was installed on Jan. 1, 2004, until May 5. The council then went from May 5 until September 1 before it registered another negative vote. Scangarello, following along like a good, old boy sheep, did not cast even one of the negative votes. 2.) To this day Scangarello remains a solid vote for the Republican majority, regardless of the merits of any issue. He has, for instance, consistently voted to deprive residents of a chance to speak to their government and to stifle public debate. 3.) Scangarello also is solidly in the pocket of the township’s recreational lobby which will never get enough ball fields or tax payer money appropriated through the township’s budget. Indeed, he plays Charlie McCarthy to the recreation department’s Edgar Bergen and anyone who doubts that should watch and listen as Scangarello stumbles and bumbles through the written scripts given to him so that he can sing the praises of a municipal department that is grossly mismanaged. 4.) In one recent meeting of the council, Scangarello managed to vote against an ordinance that would have put the brakes on big spenders who contribute to political campaigns in the hope that they will be rewarded with contracts or influential positions in the township. 5.) During the same meeting Scangarello voted against a resolution that would have supported some poorly paid workers in the municipality and help them live with more dignity. What it boils down to is that Scangarello is a man of a few words because he doesn’t have anything on his mind so his handlers tell him to keep his mouth shut. He, however, has to open his mouth to vote and that exposes him for the inadequate council member that he has been and remains. Much of the same applies to Philip Weisbecker, Scangarello’s erstwhile running mate. While not seeking re-election, Weisbecker has been on two previous township councils and his voting record then amply illustrates that he consistently votes for what he perceives will be in his own benefit, rather than what is best for the municipality. Neither of them is fit to hold public office and the township would be better off if neither of them is elected on November 8. Martin O’Shea West Milford