Drainage problem never corrected

| 28 Sep 2011 | 03:01

    To the editor: In response to the article Sinking Feeling For Private Road Residents dated September 16. I would tell Mr. McCarter do not expect the Township of West Milford to correct the drainage problem that exists on Flanders Road. I am a resident on Greenwich Road. Greenwich Road has always had severe drainage problems. In the spring of 2001 we began the road assessment program. The residents of Greenwich Road went to all the workshops and meetings. We listened while the township engineer explained the plans to correct the drainage problem. All the residents at the meeting agreed that the plan for the drainage would not be effective. The township and the engineers did not have a realistic view of the water problem. The opinion of the residents was dismissed by an engineer who informed us he was very confident in his plan. During the fall of 2002 the work was complete. At this point we were informed that the ordinance would pass and we would be expected to begin paying the assessment. The assessment was over $10,000 per homeowner. It is now October and there continues to be a serious drainage problem on Greenwich Road that is currently affecting personal property. The only solution has been to place sandbags in the road to divert the water down the road into Lake Shore Drive. I commend the Road Department for their tireless efforts to help the residents of Greenwich Road whenever it rains. Mr. McCarter I would stay far away from the administrators of West Milford, their engineers and their road assessment program. Robyn Signoretti Hewitt