Gubernatorial endorsement for local Democratic candidates

| 28 Sep 2011 | 03:01

    To the editor: As your Governor, I am writing to strongly endorse Andy Gargano and Paul Marino for the West Milford Town Council. I am keenly aware of the good work that they have done in the community; they have already proven to be effective leaders who are concerned about West Milford and have its best interests in mind. Both Andy Gargano and Paul Marino have been tireless community workers in their many years as West Milford residents. Andy Gargano has spent many years actively involved with sports and recreation in West Milford and he previously served as a very active town Councilman, fighting for open space, as well as open public records and municipal government. He was instrumental in preserving large tracks of West Milford land and in ensuring that there were recreation options available for the town’s residents. Paul Marino is an EMT with several years of service to the community as a volunteer ambulance squad member, giving up hours and days of his time to assist fellow residents in need. Paul was a vocal advocate for a Highlands Act that would serve both West Milford’s and New Jersey’s interests. And one of his priority local issues is ensuring that West Milford roads are well maintained and safe. Paul will work with various groups and individuals to achieve common goals—an important skill in town government. Paul and Andy have accomplished a great deal through their concern for West Milford. When in office, I am confident that they will be even more effective in bringing about balanced, open government and tax stabilization. Vote for the candidates who will serve in West Milford’s best interest. I urge you to vote for Andy Gargano and Paul Marino. Richard Codey Acting Governor of New Jersey