A message of hope to my fellow patriots

Sussex /
| 26 Apr 2021 | 06:02

    To the Editor:

    Republicans, constitutionalists, and anyone that supported free and fair elections...you are probably wondering: Why wasn’t our constitution followed? What is going on? And even... where is God in all this?

    It seems like no matter which person, podcast, or show you watch you will get various questions, answers, and theories.

    What I want to present to you is despite everything....try to focus on the positive things in life. Turn the news off, turn the social media off, and spend time doing the things you enjoy. Music, movies, hobbies, family activities, nature, sports – anything that brings happiness to you and helps to ground you and lift your spirit.

    There still is good in this world and wonderful blessings to witness and be part of. Of course, we can still stand up for liberty and freedom – but spend some time enjoying life, laughing, and living it.

    There always is hope – and we are strong.

    Jonathan Leroux