Accentuate the positive

| 11 Apr 2012 | 04:58

    As a retired couple, and 45 year residents of West Milford, we have attendedschool board meetings for many years.During that time we have observedboard members who focus on the positive aspects of educating our children aswell as the cost of providing that education.

    We support and will be voting to pass the school budget as well as the board candidates who are interested in and are positive about education in West Milford.Greg Bailey is a long time board member with the experience and common sense to deal with the issues in a responsible manner and will supportour professional staff and administrators as they prepare our students for a global economy. Inga Koeppe and Kevin Babbitt are both very active in several school organizations and regularly attend school board meetings. Plus, between them, they have five children attending our schools. They clearly are interested in working with the board and administration to provide a quality education at a responsible cost to the taxpayers.

    To paraphrase the old song, “accentuate the positive” and vote yes on the school budget and for candidates Babbitt, Bailey and Koeppe, lines 2,3,4 on the ballot.

    Carolyn and Doug Ott West Milford