ATV trails could be a win-win

| 14 May 2015 | 10:47

    In all the northern states and Canadian provinces, ATV trails bring in millions of dollars for towns. Riders pay $350 a year for a permit that includes liability insurance. Hiking and biking trails are also there and kept off limits to ATVs. Trails are routed to pass by all related business also, such as gas, places to eat and stay, etc. helping the economy. This would be a win-win for West Milford and Newark who are both broke and suing each other over it.

    Clubs will form with volunteers doing trail marking and maintaining the trails. The Newark police could set up check points to make sure everyone has a permit and is following the rules. All offenders will be fined and kicked out. The hundreds of miles of watershed trails could be put to a great use that would benefit everyone in both towns with a huge new source of income, not to mention a great sport that would keep kids engaged in something beside drugs and drinking. One of the main trailheads could be the Jungle Habitat property, where there would be plenty of parking, and a track could be built somewhere on the 800 acres that would not disturb the nearby neighborhood. Study the models to our north; somehow they make it work and everybody gets along. In a lot of places it has saved the economy of entire areas. Lets have the ATV committee and the tourism council get some info together and approach Newark.

    Mark Nelson
    West Milford