Banner Committee closes in on goal

| 25 Oct 2012 | 01:10

    On behalf of the West Milford High School Banner Committee, we are writing to request the assistance of members of our community through donations in our effort to restore athletic championship banners to the walls of the high school gymnasium.

    The Banner Committee has worked diligently over the past year to generate $10,000 to permanently attach over 28 new championship banners, lighted trophy cases, and a commemorative plaque by the start of the 2012-13 winter athletic season in December.

    As anyone who has seen the high school gym can see, the banners, which had been hanging showcasing our high school’s athletic accomplishments, were in disrepair from years of wear and tear. This prompted our committee to fundraise to bring newer, more durable banners to WMHS.

    The new 4’x 6’ banners will be put on display, celebrating championships won by every varsity sports team at West Milford High School at the conference, county, and state level. The new banners will be made of a hard metallic material with a scratch-proof coating that will allow for easier maintenance and a longer lifespan.

    The committee will be recognizing all contributors who donate $100 or more on a plaque that will be permanently displayed outside the high school gym. However, any and all contributions will be graciously accepted to aid in the goal of showcasing the outstanding accomplishments of the past, present, and future student-athletes.

    Anyone interested in making a donation to this worthy cause should contact the WMHS Banner Committee at or the WMHS athletic department at 973-697-1701 ext. 7066.

    We thank all members of our community for their continued support of the children of West Milford.

    Matthew Conlon, Jennifer Stafford, Dorrie Torp

    Co-chairs, WMHS Banner Committee

    West Milford