Be aware of false promises

| 11 Sep 2012 | 07:53

    I am writing (one final time) on the property tax revaluation. Lakefront property owners have the right to appeal their assessment and to try and convince the Passaic County Tax Board that their assessment is too high. Good luck. If you prevail your assessment will be lowered and your property taxes reduced. However, based upon recent property sales, that does not appear to be the case.
    One of my critics from Kitchell Lake seemed to think that the lake association fees that she pays should be taken into account. Really? Do you really expect members of the public, who can’t use your private lake, to pay to help with the upkeep? Talk about a sense of entitlement!
    Now, as far as Joe (Mr. Sensitivity) Smolinski is concerned, his recent letter was nothing more than a pathetic attempt to pander for votes. It’s what he does best and is one of the many reasons that he lost last year’s mayoral election in a landslide and is no longer the Council president. This may come as a shock to Joe, but John Richards and Dave Ofshinsky are more than capable of studying a problem, coming up with a solution, and taking action. Unlike you, Joe, they don’t need to be told what to say or how to think. Unlike you, they are also men of their word. Your recent eleventh hour attempt to sandbag the construction of a new library clearly demonstrates that your promises mean nothing.
    Dec. 31 will be here before you know it, so let me be the first to wish you, “good riddance.”

    Robert Nolan
    Former councilman
    West Milford