Bi-partisan action by council gets cheer from reader

| 11 Oct 2012 | 01:15

    Congratulations to the bi-partisan West Milford Council for doing the right thing for the taxpayers of West Milford by unanimously approving the settlement of the needless litigation between former police Chief Paul Costello and the township. The council deserves credit for standing up to Mayor Bieri, who has personally mishandled this matter from the beginning at great expense to the taxpayers. She has disregarded legal recommendations from the original Labor Counsel and again from Special Labor Counsel in an effort to continue her personal and political vendetta against the former chief.
    The mayor’s recent negative comments on the settlement clearly show her perverted need to win at all costs.
    As far as transparency is concerned , according to public documents, the settlement in principle has been waiting finalization since early July and was to be presented and recommended to the council in July, so it was not a surprise to the mayor when the resolution was finally put forth to the council on Sept. 5. In fact, the meeting agenda is set by the township administrator and clerk, both of whom are under the mayor’s direct control.
    The real injustice here is that taxpayer’s money was needlessly wasted on a lawsuit that the town forced former Chief Costello to file in the first place. I hope the council continues to work in a bi-partisan manner and make decisions based on the good of West Milford and not personal agendas or politics.

    Robert Clegg
    West Milford