‘Bigfoots’ just don’t seem right

| 07 Feb 2022 | 09:19

    To the Editor:

    I was going to weigh in on the vaccine issue but it seems you’ve already covered that. So! On a lighter subject in last week’s issue: I just have to say that it seems to me the plural of Bigfoot should be Bigfeet, not Bigfoots. I mean really, if I saw one goose flying overhead I would say, “I saw a goose.” But if I saw a flock of them, I would say, “I saw geese flying overhead.”

    “Bigfoots” just don’t seem right, no way, no how. So if I’m in the woods and I see more than one of the hairy bipods, I’m going to say, “I saw a herd of Bigfeet!”Submitted with a good natured smile.

    Joanne Phillips