Birds aren’t real

Sparta /
| 16 Aug 2022 | 10:27

There is a conspiracy theory that “Birds Aren’t Real,”

This is not “alt-facts” or “fake news” but the real deal.

This “deep state” secret government surveillance plot,

To spy on all U.S. citizens and demean our lot.

The Feds exterminated all real birds,

Over a 10-year period using coded words.

Covertly replacing each with a lookalike drone,

A tiny feathered robot watching us unknown!

These evil “birds” sit on power lines to recharge,

So government agencies their control enlarge.

Fox News and QAnon unveiled this devious scheme,

And as conspiracy experts they are supreme.

Satire is fun to mock adversity,

But is dangerous when taken seriously.

George Kibildis