Blom, Lichtenberg are devoted to community

| 30 May 2012 | 06:08

    DECA is ahigh school program throughout the state and its purpose is to develop and instruct students in a business career. Since being introduced in the curriculum some 40 years, its teacher, Mrs. Blom, has been its guiding force for over 37 years.She has devoted all those years in school, after school as well as days and weekends traveling away from home with the students in state and international competitions. The students have won many well-deserved awards as well as scholarships to Johnson and Wales, which are renewed every year.

    Having served on the board of education for 15 yearsas wellas being instrumental withpast staff member Hans Dellith in introducing DECA into the West Milford School district, I can attest to the devotion that is needed by its instructorto have such an award-winning program. I know that JoAnn Blom as a council member will devote as much time and energy to her constituents.

    Blom isseeking election to the town councilwith Marilyn Lichtenberg. Both have devotedand are well known for their many years of contribution to the community.

    Please join me on June 5 and cast your vote for the Golden Rule Candidates JoAnn and Marilyn as well as the Golden Rule County Committee candidates.

    Midge Touw West Milford