Board of cred

| 04 Apr 2012 | 04:08

    The dictionary describes credibility as a quality of being trusted or believable. I think that definition speaks volumes on what we would like to see in the members of our board of education. Those who we trust, to safeguard our children’s education and invest in their futures. We have seen over the last several years, just how important those positions are and how drastic an effect those who fill them can have on our town and our lives.

    John Aiello is asking you to consider him as a candidate for re-election to one of those seats. Just how credible a candidate is he? What has he contributed to improve the West Milford school system? The truth is, comparing myself to Derek Jeter does not make me a better ballplayer, and Mr. Aiello comparing himself to Marcus Aurelius does not make him a more credible board trustee.

    How ironic it was to see him recently at the TREP$ event at Paradise Knoll, walking amongst the students and parents he sought to disenfranchise by closing their school and sinking their property values along with it. This initiative was against a professional recommendation that there would be no financial gain from doing so.

    After reading Doris Aaronson’s recent letter, you almost wonder if she was at the same meetings. Her implication that Mr. Aiello respects his fellow trustees and their opinions reminds me of the memos he left on every seat before a meeting condemning and criticizing them. Or how he consistently blindsided them by raising issues in the middle of a meeting without notice to anyone, or by requesting votes at the 11th hour when most of the audience has already left for home. Her inference that he speaks up for good educational policy reminds me of his effort to fire all of the curriculum supervisors, his suggestion that we photocopy textbooks, and his complete indifference shown towards state-mandated rules and guidelines.

    His constant antics and grandstanding drove away two valued and seasoned professionals with decades of combined experience. Those that replaced them must now regularly defend every decision made due to continuous public accusations of impropriety made by him and two fellow trustees, Jim Foody and Barbara Carter,two individuals who never let the facts get in the way of their agendas.

    I think this town can do better. In fact, I know we can by electing Kevin Babbitt and Inga Koeppe and re-electing Greg Bailey (numbers 2, 3 and 4) to the board of education. Because credibility is earned by creating historical greatness, not by making analogous references to it in the paper.

    Mark Minadeo West Milford