By getting the COVID vaccine, you are ‘helping your fellow citizens stay safe’

| 22 Nov 2021 | 12:01

    On Friday I returned home from completing my civic responsibility by receiving my COVID booster shot and was outraged by the content of a few letters o the editor claiming that the true patriots are not getting the COVID shot.

    What nonsense these uninformed lackeys of the right wing media spew.

    They state to do the research but failed to note that the credible research is overwhelmingly in favor of the population being vaccinated by vigorous scientific standards and backed up by the efficacy of the virus in tamping down COVID spread and limiting the severity of the virus if one does catch it.

    Often I hear from these anti-vax pundits that they are lions among the rest of us sheep who have received the shot.

    To me, they are self-serving cowards who do not care a whit about the health of their fellow citizens and don’t have courage to help our country fight this virus that has killed more American citizens than all our wars.

    They cite the Constitution but fail to note that the United States Constitution states it was formed to improve the general welfare of the people and improve our common defense.

    Our battle against this killer virus is no different than if we were attacked by a foreign power.

    These anti-vax folks get their information from people like comedian Joe Rogan, football player Aaron Rodgers and others that have no credibility in giving advice about vaccinations.

    To those who have received the vaccine, you should be proud that you are living up to the underlying theme of our Constitution by helping your fellow citizen stay safe.

    For those who don’t get the shot keep taking the horse de-worming pills or drink disinfectant as recommended by that stable genius Trump. Hopefully you won’t end up very ill or dead as so many of the anti-vax people have experienced.

    Very truly yours,

    John Miller

    West Milford