Candidate’s letter regarding George Floyd’s death typical GOP response

| 15 Jun 2020 | 03:34

    Republican candidate Frank Pallotta’s letter concerning the death of George Floyd is typical of the republican response to the demonstrators who have had enough of the racism and unfair treatment of minorities by the police and other entrenched aspects of our society.

    Mr. Pallotta states that the death of George Floyd should be a wake-up call for all Americans. I guess the death of Eric Garner, Breonna Taylor and so many others were not enough to wake up white Americans. After that statement of the wake-up call Mr. Pallotta’s focuses the rest of his letter about violence and looting by the radical elements of the protesters. There was very limited rioting and looting in view of the amounts of people and cities involved. There will always be less than virtuous people trying to take advantage of these types of situations.

    I was more concerned by what I witnessed from the police response as evidenced by the 75-year-old protester in Buffalo who was violently pushed than ignored by police as he bled on the ground and many other examples. Yes most police officers are committed to serving their communities however as evidenced by what happened in Buffalo as well as the violence against the protesters by the guardsmen and other military people during Trump’s photo-op, there is a systemic problem with policing in our society.

    Mr. Pallota is catering to the right by his statements about defunding the police. Not once does he address what to do other than to wake-up. That reminds me of “thoughts and prayers” given to the families of gun violence instead of taking any action. I am an older white man who supports this protest and I do not want to defund, nor do I believe our present Democratic candidates want to defund the police but a re-organization of policing procedures is drastically called for. Better training and accountability of police departments as well as more funding in disadvantaged communities for job training. housing and healthcare are needed instead of military grade weapons being given to police departments to address the community they police.

    Yes, it is time to wake-up, but action is needed which obviously has been solely lacking by the Republican Party which is led by a wannabe dictator who enjoys the Police beating on demonstrators. Action can only be had by voting in November for true change and a fairer society.

    John R. Miller

    West Milford