Conlon looks forward

| 19 Apr 2012 | 11:10

    I write to express my sincerest thanks to the voters of our township for electing Kevin Babbitt, Inga Koeppe, and Greg Bailey to the board of education, and passing the school budget tax levy, this past Tuesday, April 17.

    This was an election that centered around one supreme question: do we wish to continue progress in our schools through professionalism and forward thinking, or go back to the ways of the “olden days” through empty rhetoric and self-serving agendas?

    Thankfully, you chose progression over stagnation, cooperation over egocentrism, and innovation over archaism.The landslide results have made it loud and clear which direction we want for our schools in West Milford.

    This commendable decision will help enable the 2012-13 board to persistently pursue increased efficiency and advancement for the children of West Milford.

    Once again, thank you for your support, and I look forward to serving you alongside Kevin, Inga, and Greg starting Wednesday, April 25.

    Matthew Conlon Board of Education Trustee

    West Milford The opinions expressed herein are Conlon’s and not necessarily those of other board members.